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ZJA Super HV Double-stage Transformer Oil Purifier Insulation Oil Series


Model ZJA-50 ZJA-100 ZJA-150 ZJA-200 ZJA-250 ZJA-300



To be used for treatment to new oil, working oil, particularly applicable to supper HV power distribution and the national grid of AC power supply 500KV,750KV,1000KV and DC power supply ±660KV, ±800KV, ±1000KV.

It could also to be uesd as transformer vacuum oil filling and drying, shortening the oil treating duration during installation and maintenance of transformer.

Meets the national grid of acceptance standard of GB50835-2013.

Technical Feature:

    (1) The machine is designed for the super HV transformer oil, particularly for the oil treatment that over 750KV power distribution system.
    (2) The machine chose LATENT technology to dewater and degas, could efficiently remove the water and gas from the insulation oil, increase the breakdown voltage over 80 KV. The water content is less than 3 PPM.
    (3) The shunt branch node, rapid evaporation of the oil in the water. Insulating oil in the system is fully distributed and spray film (an increase of insulating oil atomization in a vacuum area), and greatly increased the limits of the oil in the system's "path", so that the oil in the Water and gas vaporization of time sufficient to achieve the best effect of dehydration degassing. Full scan using patented infrared liquid level and foam control system, avoiding any mechanical movement, improve equipment reliability, the system is maintenance-free system.
    (4) Patent filtration system - potential (QIANNENG) patented technology, using a special polymer composite filter of the United States, "getting close"type filter, filter rate 100 times the effective removal of oil particles, while the life of the filter Also greatly improved. Encrypted using gradual, proportional share of the impurity levels of filter loading, and using reasonable to ensure the cleanliness of the fluid design of the realization of the oil filter depth of fine particles. Also uses electrostatic adsorption, can not easily be removed so that the negative charge carriers, so that the adsorption and the positive charge, to charge balance, which is more thoroughly to remove impurities, the effective index requirements to ensure that high oil. Filtering accuracy (less than NAS2 grade) particle size ≤ 900/100ml (5μm or more particles)
    (5) The breakdown voltage could be over 80KV, water content is 3 PPM for one-time treatment. Acetylene is zero.
    (6) The machine equipped the on-line temperature inspector, voltage tester, vacuum tester, oil level inspector, could know the oil condition and equipment working condition anytime.

Working vacuumpa≤50
Limited vacuumpa≤2
Working   pressureMpa≤0.4
Temperature   rangeC20   ~80
Power/380V 50HZ(at   user's option)
NoisedB(A)≤65~80(at   user's option)
Fault-free   working hourh≥4000
Continuing   working hourh≥150
Heating powerKw72120144192240288
Total PowerKw78130155215260305
Inlet(outlet) diametermmΦ32Φ42Φ50Φ50Φ60Φ60
Index After filtrationBreakdown   voltageKV≥80
Water contentppm≤3
Medium Consumptiontgδ(90c)%≤0.3
Acid valuemgKOH/g≤0.03
Gas content%≤0.1
Particleparticle/100ml≤500(≥5μm)customer's   requirment