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ZYD Series Double –stage High Efficiency Vacuum Oil Purifier Insulation Oil Series


Model ZYD-30 ZYD-50 ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200 ZYD-250 ZYD-300



This machine is used for treating the transformer oil,insulation oil from the power station ,power plant ,power company,tansmit equipment ,transformer and industry & mine enterprises.

Especially used for the installation ,overhaul,new oil treatment ,import oil treatment of the 110-750KV transformer from the power distribution system and national grid.

It could shorten the oil treatingg duration installation and maintenance of transformers.

The machine has double -stage vacuum system,several stage vacuum separation system,could quickly remove the water ,gas,impurities and other harmful things from the oil.

The 3D cubic flash dehydration and degas technology cold high-efficiently remove the water ,gas from the oil and make the breakdown voltage to 70KV and above.

Greatly improve  the result of one time filtration ,decrease the aging dangerous existing with ordinary purifiers as caused by repeating heating.

The high speed spiral flow structure of composite degas,oil and has independent channel ,the prevention of gas separation in two dissolution technology could rapidly remove the various gas from the oil ,ensure the zero ethyne and hydrogen.

Safety heating system ,use the lepidoptera and U type heater ,with infrared radiation heating ,ultra low load surface ,PID thermostatical control ,double temperature control ,equiped the oil guide inside,auto or hand choice for the heating group,and more characters ,to make sure no dead oil area,no cover heating or dry heating.
Use multistage high β value composite gradually filtration system,line type coupling element seal, could efficiently remove the mocron impurities from the oil .
Online filtration,no human beside,also could work fill oil under the vacuum and dry the heat oil for the transformers.

The intelligent control of full scan infared liquid level,auto defoaming system,pressure protect  system,with oil pump be controlled ,ensure the long time and safety working.

Item UnitZYD-30 ZYD-50ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200ZYD-250ZYD-300
Flow rateL/min3050100150200250300
Vacuum rangePa50
Ultimate vacuumPa5
working pressureMpa0.4
Temperature range20 80
Power supply/380V 50HZ 3 Phasesor at   user‘s option)
NoisedB(A)65 85(depend on user's requiremen)
Fault -free wworking hoursH4000
Continuous running hoursH150
Heating powerKw30307296144168192
Total powerKw353580105155185210
Inlet(outlet) diameterMMΦ25Φ32Φ42Φ50Φ50Φ60Φ60
After filtrationBreakdown voltageKv75
Water gasppm3
Gas content%0.1
Filter precisionum1(Or at user's option)