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ZYC Series Multi-Function High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier Insulation Oil Series


Model ZYC-50 ZYC-100 ZYC-150 ZYC-200 ZYC-250 ZYC-300



The product can be used for 110KV and below transformer installtion and overhaul,as well as for treatment to non-conformable transformer oil,mutual inductor and circuit breaker oil in power inductor(especially applicable to recovery of extemely inferior insulation oil),as well as for transformer vacuum oil filling and drying.

Technical feature:

The machine is double-stage vacuum can fastly remove remove water,gas and impurities,but also can regenerate the extemely inferior insulation oil.It can effectively remove the intensive oxide an free carbon,thus resumes anti-oxide and acid/alkali water solubility characteristics.After treatment,the oil can meet the national standard in respect of water content,withsand value,gas content,acid value and medium consuption requirement.

After treatment,the breakdown voltage could enhance to 75KV or above.

Unique water and gas removming material,offer 700 times the evaporation area size of the commom one.

The latest decolorant is selected which ensure dark color to resume the color of the new oil.

Ultra high precision filter,the filtration size could be 1μm

Flow rateL/min50100150200250300
VacuumRangepa≤ 133
Ultimate Vacuumpa≤5
Working   PressureMpa≤ 0.4
TemperatureRange20 to   80
Power   Supply/380.50HZ   (or at user' s option )
NoisedB(A)≤ 65   to 80(depend on user's  requirement)
Fault-Free   Working Hoursh≥   4000
Continuous   Running Hoursh≥ 150
Heating PowerKw307296144168192
Total PowerKw3580106155185210
Inlet(Outlet) DiametermmΦ   32Φ   42Φ   50Φ   50Φ   60Φ   60
Indexes After FiltrationBreakdown   voltageKV≥ 75
Water contentppm≤ 3
Medium consumptiontgδ                   (90℃)%≤ 0.3
Acid valuemgKOH/g≤   0.03
Gas content%≤ 0.1
Filtration precisionμm≤   1(or at user's option)