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TYC Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier Lubricant Oil, Hydraulic Oil Series


Model TYC-10 TYC-20 TYC-30 TYC-50



To be used fastly remove the water,impurities from the jet fuel,petroleum,karosene,diesel oil,light lubricant oil.

Technical feature:

1. The purifier is a next-generation vacuum oil purifier destined for phosphate ester fire-resistant oil system, utilizing dewatering and degassing technologies such as anti-precipitation, aggregation, separation transformation, resolution, vacuum entrapment and flash evaporation, which not only speedily removes the free water in oil but also intensively removes the dissolved water and gas in oil.

can deeply remove 100% free water and 99% dissolved water gas from the oil.

2. The stage-to-stage dandified filter element made of new composite materials can remove the large amount of impurities in oil and results in a precision filtration.

3. Application of new absorptive materials can effectively absorb the jelly substance in oil, and eliminate the acid content in oil, as well as inhibiting the production of new acid in the system.

4. The purifier body is made of acid and dissolving resistant stainless steel; Filter element and seal are made of anti fire-resistant oil insoluble material, appearance,light,easy operation,low noise and long life time.

5. Euiped with the auto infared oil level control system,auto pressure protect system,ensure the machine high efficient and safety working.

6. Online working,no human beside,the equipment running status indicator.

Flow rateL/min10203050
Vacuum rangeMpa.-0.06~-0.095
Working pressureMpa≤ 0.3
Power   Supply/380V   50HZ (or at user' s option )
NoisedB(A)≤ 65   to 80(depend on the user's requirement)
Continuous Running Hoursh    4000
Continuous   Running Hoursh≥ 150
Heating   PowerKw9181830
Total   PowerKw12202133
Indexes After filtrationWater   contentppm≤ 100
Gas content%≤   0.1%
Acid valuemKOH/g≤   0.05
ResistanceΩ≤   1.0×1010
cleanliness/≤ NAS   5