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TYB Series Coalescence Separate Oil Purifier Lubricant Oil, Hydraulic Oil Series


Model TYB-10 TYB -20 TYB -30 TYB-50 TYB-80 TYB -100 TYB -150 TYB -200



To be used fastle remove the water,impurities from the jet fuel,petroleum,karosene,diesel oil,light lubricant oil.

Technical Feature:

    1.The machine using the different medium surfacce tension,using the inorganic fiber Awn Needle Puncture on the demulsificantion od emulsion of water way,the hydrophilic material coalescence the water and hydrophobicity material separated water from oil.To realize the demulsificantion and coalescence for the free water and emulsified water.The oil gets through the coalescence filters in the machine,cause the strog polar of coalescence filter,the free water and the emulsified water collected to big water drop and fall into the water tank by the grave of the earth.After the coalescence,the oil get through the separation filters,because the hydrophobicity of the water tank,the oil gets through the filters and get out from oil out mouth.

    2. This machine use the special  oil water separator ,no need heating,the efficient of dehhydration is 20 times than other purifiers.

    3. No need heating ,to save the cost of treatment.

    4. Use the stage by stage filtration,could efficiently remove the impurities from oil.

    5.Easy operation ,could automatically online drain off water,no human aside.

    6.Low cost treatment,could save 20%-40% cost than vacuum ourifier,centrifuge purifier,filter press purifier.

ItemsUnitTYB-10TYB -20TYB -30TYB-50TYB-80TYB -100TYB -150TYB -200
Flow   rateL/min1020305080100150200
Working   PressureMpa≤ 0.4
Power   Supply
380V   50HZ (or at user' s option )
NoisedB(A)≤ 65   to 80 (Depend on user's option)
Fault-Free   Working Hoursh≥   4000
Continuous   Running Hoursh≥ 150
Total   PowerKw1.
Total   weight of equipmentkg1001501803005506508501200
Indexes After filtrationWater   contentppm≤ 100
Filtration Precisionum5(Or   at user's option)