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New journey,New span,Chongqing Qianneng 2017 New Year’s Day party


After one year hard working and Sincere cooperation of all our colleague. We welcome the coming of new promising 2017 ,With a fruitful years of 2016.

Useful Tips For Using Vacuum Oil Purifier 2017-03-17

When you operate vacuum oil purifier onsite, maybe you will meet some problems.

How to choose transformer oil purification systems 2017-04-11

Dissolved gasses in transformer oil can cause arcing, corona discharges, and overheating--reducing the electrical efficiency and lifetime of the transformer.

We Qianneng reach a strategic partner with Indonesia transformation company 2017-05-12

After a long investigation and investigation, our Qianneng oil purifier product and professioal pservice get the highly recognized

Why purify transformer oil 2017-06-15

Chongqing Potential Industry (Group) Co., Ltd

The introduction of our Transformer Oil Purifier 2017-07-13

Transformer oil purifier is designed for purifying used or aged transformer oil,ultra high-voltage transformer oil

Sigporean Friends and Our Waste Oil Distillation Machine. 2017-08-11

On the date of 7th Dec 2017.After a long time contact,our Sigporean friend come to Chongqing and visit our factory

US$475,000 Waste-Oil Processing Plant for Tobago 2017-11-10

EBRD, BCR grant USD 38.7 mln loan for waste-oil recycling plant in Romania( 2017-12-8

The characteristics and advantages of turbine oil purifier unit 2018-1-8

Holiday Notice 2018-01-31

Warm welcome of the African friend to visit our factory 2018-2-27

Transformer oil purifier to Syria 2018-3-11

Ramadan Kareem 2018-5-16

When the World Cup Meets Edi and Meets Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2018-6-15

Chongqing Qianneng transformer oil purification system is working normally with 1000KV 2018-06-22

Holiday Notice for Middle Autumn Festival 2018-09-21